a person (usually male) who goes for young children for sexual needs. they seduce them over the internet usually and get them to do things they want.
"whos your new bird then louie??" askes liam "shes danielle. shes 12 years old and ready for the picken'" replies louie "you are rather sick, being 17, don't you think that makes you a peado?" "no" replies louie "younger girls always go for older men, so i think i'm doing them a favour" "sick bastard" replies liam
by masterlee February 25, 2006
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A person who wears a £15 supreme lanyard and thinks he is a hype beast and sends nudes
The peado sent nudes to three girls of which all said it was small. He stares and people (booty)
by Jamie rooney February 13, 2018
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a pedigree peado is one who is an apex predator peado. one who has reached the highest ranking possible in all of the international peado society.

Be careful of this one.
Bob - u see that lad rob a sock of a baby?

dan - bet he's a pedigree peado.

Bob - well he's deff put a sock in it
by sorearse May 12, 2016
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A grown man who drives a old convertible boxer around the local streets to attract the attention of local girls.

Similar to the Pope mobile but much less impressive and only appeals to teenage girls.
Taylor “Hey baby do you wanna go for ride in my super cool Porsche?”

Girl “Er is that a 2002 boxer?”

Taylor” Shut up and watch this”

Then proceeds to wheel spin the Porsche peado mobile machine into a wall.

Girl “no thanks I’ll just wait for the bus”
by WyVill March 18, 2021
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Someone who has a £15 supreme lanyard but still wears the bag as if they are a hype-beast
A fake peado likes year 8 girls (booty)
by Jamie rooney February 13, 2018
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A very creepy smile, somewhat peadophilic
Guy : *Looks at beautifull girl and smiles*
Girl : OMG, you are so creepy, get away!!!
Guy2: Sorry bro, but you have a peado-smile..
by Jaymal Soni November 25, 2013
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