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The act of ejaculating into your partner's mouth during oral sex, followed by tickling her or him (hopefully her, or else you're a gay) so much so that the ejaculate is expelled through the nostrils of the partner in much the same way that milk comes out of your nose when laughing.
I totally pulled a Nostrildamus on Christina Saturday night!
by Ron Ananian the car doctor April 04, 2009
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A person making a very specific prediction - that something you do (such as telling a joke or performing physical comedy) will make your friend(s) spew beverage from their nostrils from laughing.
Friend: Lifts a beer bottle to his mouth.
You: Rip One.
Friend: Becomes a beer fountain, from the nose.
You: "I knew that would happen. Call me Nostril-damus."
by The Ceps February 04, 2010
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