To act weird in public just for grins. To play a practical joke. To try to freak people out by calculatedly bizarre behavior. To mess with peoples' minds.
NOUN: The act itself.
"We like to noss whenever we're in a crowd."
"Don't mind me, I'm just nossing."
"Do you think his act was serious, or was it just a big noss?"
"I noss, therefore I'm weird."
Term coined in Indianapolis, Indiana in early 1970's.
by James J. Mitchell September 06, 2006
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Automotive slang for the use of nitrous oxide as an automotive engine performance enhancer and is usually described in terms of specific power increase to the engine (i.e. 50 additional horsepower from a noss set up would be called a 50-shot of noss). Actual slang is spelled either "noss" or nos and was first popularized by it's use in the film "The Fast and The Furious", where lead character Paul Walker says "I need nos!!" in reference to his car's need for a nitrous oxide performance enhancement.

The term was originally a play off of the name of the company "Nitrous Oxide Systems", whose logo is basically the capital letters N-O-S.

It's use is mainly limited to the import or sport compact side of the automotive performance scene, though in many cirlces the use of this slang is actually looked down upon (where the prefered term is nitrous ).
Dude, my Civic has a 50-shot of noss.
by BoostCreep May 14, 2009
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The name of a guy who is probably a major fuckboy but yet nice to you,noss is most likely a man whore but always Says he isn’t/feels as if his masculinity it being threatened when called ugly so he must always force his brain to make him feel better by referring to himself as “sexy asf” “fine asf” and others,Noss May also struggle with English and speak a form of ‘Fuckboy’ it is highly recommend that you buy him a Dictionary as a gift,it will be highly appreciated from many. Noss is also know for his over usage of the 💯 emoji
Hey look it’s a Noss,ugh
by oof it’s a definition May 19, 2018
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Something that’s REALLY nice. Tied with noss pan and nosty.
You won? Noss!
by Creepeon_Films May 05, 2019
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(v.) the act of violently and uncontrollably projectile vomiting in the direction of, but not necessarily into a toilet, trashcan, or off a balcony
Chris was nossing in the shower all night, we knew it was him because of all the shells of the boiled peanuts.
by Lonny Nozzletoff September 27, 2010
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