1. A normal person that conforms to social standard and follows the crowd.
2. Someone who likes overused ,mainstream memes
Boy 1: Haha did you see that cash me outside meme Alex posted?

Boy 2: yea , he's such a normie.
by DaddySatan June 22, 2017
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Somebody who has no knowledge over memes and no meme discipline. Normies will usually spam any new memes and eventually kill them.
Richard, you spammed this meme so much it's not funny anymore. You god damn normie.
by 3_Dogg February 22, 2016
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A person who is just like everyone else and who follows normal people trends (For E.X cash me outside and Damn Daniel). These people kill memes thus making the person and the meme normie. These type of people are extremely common and considered cancerous. An example of a normie is Jake Paul.
Basic Kid:/Normie Cash me outside nigga headass boi finna beat dat ass dunt fuk wit dem opps YEEZY
Non Normie: Fuck off normie.
by iBiZa_TwisT_ July 21, 2017
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A person who tries to fit in with all the trends without question. In their prospective they think they are cool but look very retarded from another person's prospective. They often have little question of anything and will do what is popular
Wow Winston got a fidget spinner what a normie
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A normie is someone who does or talks about something because it's popular and other people (usually kids) think it's cool.
"Noah is such a normie dodge, he only talks about Fortnite and he only listens to Marshmello."
by You normie? BRUHHYY June 04, 2019
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fucking normies reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
by mormies reeeeeeeeeeee December 28, 2017
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Normie - Similar to a basic bitch, except more non-gender specific.

For example, people who wait in line for Jordan's and every mother fucker with the "newest" iPhone. Every other person you see on your daily commute with a Dodge Charger/Challenger with rims. Every mother fucker with the newest Drake or Lil Wayne album. Every Katy Perry Fan. Every mainstream music fan in general. Most NBA 2K and Madden fans. Most sports fans in general. The "new EDM festival crowd."

2) People that don't do things different or unique, and follow crowd hype/trends.

Kind of like sheep or "sheeple".
People with no character differences or interests from everyone else. They end up looking like others way too often.

Too mainstream. I.e. "fucking normies."

3) People who listen to and trust mainstream news too often.
Also known as "zombies."

4) Overall clueless people about the nature of reality/truth.

5) People who are ignorant about how their own world-views and ideological biases affect their own perception.

6) People the Earth could use less of.
"What's up with Joe? He was in line for 2 hours and shelled out seven-hundred dollars for the iPhone 8, his current phone works just fine! I'm afraid he's turning into a normie."

zombie sheep sheeple idiots dickheads retards lames nobodies trendies hollywood fake news mainstream
by Fayenwolf September 15, 2017
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