2 definitions by Temmie Flakes

Normies are people who ruin/kill a meme, they also think that dead memes are funny and will often reference mainstream and uncultured memes. Meme lords are in a constant fight against normies because normies ruin otherwise good quality memes. I bet you 70% of this site is normies looking up memes to kill.
P1: haha look a Ugandan knuckles meme
P2: wtf you normie that shit ain’t funny
P1: wtf is a normie
P2: normies are meme killers and think that dead memes are funny they probably still dab
by Temmie Flakes March 09, 2019
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A smart asshole who is anti social, nice but sometimes rude, petty and all around a fuckwad, nice smile but will fuck you over. Seems cool but not actually cool, doesn’t have many friends. If you see an Adam run
Random person:I really don’t like Adam
Another random person:Yea ik my brother has the same name and he acts the same
by Temmie Flakes February 24, 2019
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