Normie - Similar to a basic bitch, except more non-gender specific.

For example, people who wait in line for Jordan's and every mother fucker with the "newest" iPhone. Every other person you see on your daily commute with a Dodge Charger/Challenger with rims. Every mother fucker with the newest Drake or Lil Wayne album. Every Katy Perry Fan. Every mainstream music fan in general. Most NBA 2K and Madden fans. Most sports fans in general. The "new EDM festival crowd."

2) People that don't do things different or unique, and follow crowd hype/trends.

Kind of like sheep or "sheeple".
People with no character differences or interests from everyone else. They end up looking like others way too often.

Too mainstream. I.e. "fucking normies."

3) People who listen to and trust mainstream news too often.
Also known as "zombies."

4) Overall clueless people about the nature of reality/truth.

5) People who are ignorant about how their own world-views and ideological biases affect their own perception.

6) People the Earth could use less of.
"What's up with Joe? He was in line for 2 hours and shelled out seven-hundred dollars for the iPhone 8, his current phone works just fine! I'm afraid he's turning into a normie."

zombie sheep sheeple idiots dickheads retards lames nobodies trendies hollywood fake news mainstream
by Fayenwolf September 15, 2017
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A 'Normie' is an ignorant, unoriginal human that blindly follows societal norms. Normies are unable to think for themselves with no desire to accomplish anything with their life. Normies are by birth a sin and waste valuable oxygen on Earth.

Synonyms include 'sheep', 'average Joe', 'dumb fuck'.
Check that dude wearing Yeezy's...Such a Normie.
by Champion Normie December 11, 2017
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/nɔ mē/
Definition: an individual who finds unfunny memes entertaining.
Synonyms: degenerate, beta male, Urban Dictionary user, virgin.
Friend 1: yo dude have you been on Urban Dictionary? It's sooo funny!
Friend 2: shut up, normie. I hope you get framed for tax evasion.
Friend 1: understandable.
by Samueliscool223 August 14, 2021
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The one who doesn't know what this word means is a normie
by GT77 July 24, 2017
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A slang word for a person that likes mainstream things often making them less fun due to its licking by everyone.
Shut up you normie. You fucking normie. Stop playing fortnite you normie.
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A person who keeps up with mainstream media and does whatever is popular. Usually, because they think it's cool. They also tend to kill memes and listen to garbage music.
Kid 1" I heard kids in class V2b listen to Shawn Mendes."

Kid 2"Fucking normies!"
by Waltaro Kujo November 16, 2019
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A normie is a slang internet term used to describe a person that does things based on what other people think. They ruin memes by taking and trying to use them but end up overusing them or using them wrong. They also refuse to allow vine to die and continue to watch vine compilations.
All those dang normies are ruining my time on the internet.
by Tedrance February 5, 2018
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