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Something that causes internal and external hate. You will love everything else but dread this one word. The actions that follow with it are horrifying. I apologize for anybody who partakes in this subject in the schooling environment. You're in my prayers...
lol i just failed my coordinate algebra test
by AddieIsGay<3 November 14, 2018
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People who overuse a certain meme and basically destroys its pure meaning . Unless its overall a shitty meme.
Memer 1 -"The "Who Kno De Wey" meme was a good meme until all the NORMIES destroyed it"
Memer 2- "I agree, they make me want to kill myself"
by AddieIsGay<3 March 09, 2018
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A great, astonishing, random mess of blood, guts, and random science facts. He is short and chubby and reminds me of the boy scout from the movie 'Up'.Hes quiet and doesn't like to do school work but tolerates it sometimes. He thinks Buzzfeed is trash and hates feminism. Aiden will always roast you and make jokes about nothing, but he never means any harm with them.. Strictly satire. He is a meme God, and will continue to invest in meme stocks online. I kinda think Aiden is gay but you never know. He's got some really strange friends and makes odd choices sometimes. He will always be the wise one in the group that stops everyone from getting arrested. Get you an Aiden, he will balance out your life. Unless you piss him off, then he will scream internally and explode.
Teacher: "What are you doing Aiden?!"
Aiden: "Work."
Some normie: -Looks over to see Aiden watching Fortnite videos-
by AddieIsGay<3 March 12, 2018
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The action that is portaken whenever you lift up your finger and hit someone on a body part (Most commonly the nose or the butt) slightly. That right there is a boop.
"Hah! I've boop'ed you on the booty (;"
by AddieIsGay<3 March 12, 2018
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