Youtube's favorite show, *clap* MEME REVIEW *clap*.
The place where memes die, each meme reviewed on this show is considered deceased.
Old Meme: I heard that pewdiepie will have me on *clap* Meme Review *clap* tommorow.
Meme community: We always loved you, goodbye friend :(
So sad, can we seize the memes of production?
by MemeEconomist May 24, 2018
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Basically a weekly show on PewDiePie's channel where he reviews and kills memes
Example of Meme Review:
Pre-Reviewed Meme: Good Meme
PewDiePie: MEME *clap* REVIEW *clap*
PewDiePie: *Reviews Meme*
Post-Reviewed Meme: Dead Meme
by TheSnapback January 3, 2019
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The excution of memes, after a month of life.
*clap* *clap* MEME REVIEW!
by WagwanMandem July 25, 2018
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Originally created by the now dead channel Thatistheplan a.k.a anthony fantano where he would review the hottest and spicy maymays in an absurd and ironic fashion. After the deletion of the channel, the Meme Review has since then been brought back to life and popularised by youtuber Pewdiepie.
Generic Hipster 1: Yeah Pewdiepie's meme reviews are great but they will never be as genius as Anthony Fantano's
by bigratt January 29, 2019
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Woah did you hear about the new show Meme Review?

Yes it is VERY NICE
by RipPoppyGloria June 25, 2019
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Greatest thing ever and you will be addicted from 1 watch
Meme Review is so good with Gloria in it
by Albert Einste1n June 10, 2019
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