The ultimate and worst insult. Even worse than "ur brother a mother". This insult can hurt your opponent's feelings forever, even if a full minute has passed since it was said.
"Women are the superior gender."
"Do you have any evidence to back up your claim? I mean, Marie Curie was great and all, but..."
"Shut up, sexist pig! You men are all the same! Hillary Clinton should've won the elections! Women must be treated equally!"
"Ur mommy normie."
by LilPizza March 24, 2018
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The peak of all insults, 20 times more effective than Ur Grandpap a Trap and Ur Granny Tranny.
"Ur Mom Gay"

"Ur Dad Lesbian"

"Ur Granny Tranny"

"Ur Grandpap a Trap"

"Ur Uncle Normie Non Conformie"...

A new universe is created and we surpass alien life.
by Woxie March 14, 2018
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