An insult that is used to show disinterest, or frustration. To dismiss a wrongful statement or action.
Bill Gates: I have so much more money than you!
Random person: Go shove it up your ass!
by rallala May 31, 2008
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When a person is speaking bull shit and you cant find a better response to tell their ass off with.
You can go shove yourself up your ass.
by some asshole behind a screen October 21, 2020
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Meaning;I don't give a f***! Get away or I'll kick your ass,my foot going in sideways! Used when extremly annoyed or pissed off by somebody. Also can be used as a comeback
Person 1:Oh,Oh,Oh can I have your autograph?!
Person 2: Just shove it up your ass sideways,damnit! D<

Person 1:Coward!!
Person two:shove it up you ass sideways.
by FlippyHippy October 06, 2010
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A more badass way of saying "I'm sick and tired of repeating myself, get it through your fucking head". May also have implications of "are you calling me a liar?". From the Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans movie "The Last Boy Scout".
I'm gonna say this again, for the cheap seats. (yelling) I DON'T KNOW WHERE JOE HALLENBECK IS! That's my fucking statement! Write it down and shove it up your ass!
by Trinadtsat Tomitsu May 01, 2007
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An insult to any guy that makes you look weak or retarded, so shoving a lightsaber up their anus will make it look like they had a laser erection. Who's the retarded one now?
Darth Vader: Luke, I told everyone that I am your father.
Luke: Shove a lightsaber up your ass.

*shoves lightsaber up vader's ass making it look like he has a laser dick.*
Darth Sidious: You could have fucked Padme like that
*vader fucks sidious with laser dick, sidious dies.*
by shitless sam January 06, 2018
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