a short, solitary facial hair roughly a half an inch in length; usually found on pubescent males
Todd, how long have you been growing that noot on your face?
by Ectocranial November 08, 2011
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NUTS...they are nuts...goooooonads.
"Chris wants Sarah's noots."
by fetisha_107 December 23, 2004
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Denny will you please stab me with your large noot.
by Biscuitannlovee March 08, 2018
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1. The determined past tense of the word nut another way you could use this is β€œnooted”
2. The amazing sound that pengu makes
1) ah frick man, don’t you just hate it when you accidentally noot on your cousin. Yeah me too, brother
2) noot noot I want your boot
3) crap-il-sticks i accidenally nooted all over my sister. Gosh darn it brother what’ll I do now?
by Yeetusmymeatus May 05, 2019
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