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Someone who poops in the nude. Nude + pooper = Nooper. A small (yet passionate) segment of society that finds it impossible to defecate while being encumbered by clothes.
Look at that fool. He can't poop with clothes on. He's such a Nooper.
by The Nooper June 28, 2016
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1) A term used to describe a person when performing a cute or rediculous action.
2) A word used when addressing a close friend or relative
"Hey Nooper!"
"She's a nooper!"
by Little Noop December 05, 2007
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A person who contributes nothing to a project, or has nothing going on upstairs, or both.
"He's a no-op."
by nooper January 02, 2004
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an awsome person ,non indian name also a nickname for your best friend who you share lame interests with .Or the personn you love so greatly and share pokemon adventures with, inside jokes,love, ex.
other: you suck at brawl..
nooper:you've never beaten me ...
by pokemonadventurer11 June 21, 2010
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from latin 'nuper': "to know instantly". Also known as the registered brand of Japan's wireless alert service Nooper available at
by Juergen Specht November 27, 2003
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