Nooh ,means a humble and loving person . A romantic and genuine person , can be annoying at times ,very funny and is the the type of person to answer all ur questions . Not to mention he is hot , attractive and gorgeous . Any girl who rejects him will regret it later when they see how awesome he is . And any girl that dates him will be the luckiest girl ever.
Girl 1. What are you looking at

Girl 2. I’m looking at Nooh ahhh

Girl 1. Ya, he’s soo amazing . IM SO LUCKY! * runs over and kisses him*
by Mary Loren June 17, 2019
Nooh is just you're average brown guy, he gets up, goes to school, and gets good grades.
Look at that guy he's a Nooh
by Holy Onion February 4, 2016
That feeling when something Is you cannot Express how funny it is and that funny thing is funny because it is wrong
My friend: Shrek is beautiful Annabelle is going to come for her and hit her

Me: Nooh
by Sherlock.xoxo August 19, 2020
One fat ass black kid who cant walk for his life.
nooh means I cant walk far
by diririririr April 23, 2019
a nooh is a wannabe skater
Look at all those noohs over there!
by hi im fat <3 October 19, 2020