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When one drinks certain drinks, such as coke, sometimes the drink will is brought to the back of the mouth and then pushed through ones nasal cavity when one laughs.
The term Noipe is when one laughs after the act of a blowjob and the semen is pushed through the nasal cavity.

Noipe- The actual semen that exits the nose.
Noiping- When one carries out a Noipe.
Noiped- The Past tense.
Noiper- Someone who carries out the act.
Oh no, Look at her, she has Noipe dripping from her nose.
She obviously found something funny last night.
by Ohjaypea December 02, 2010
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an annoying and ungrateful houseguest that has overstayed his or her welcome
John had become a real noipe after sleeping for 6 weeks on Edward's couch, eating freely from the peanut butter jar and not flushing the toilet after urinating in it.
by Peta Hudba April 26, 2008
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