Not shutting up to the point to which you want to punch them in the face.
When someone talks way too much
Person 1: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
Person 2: Stop Nocking you fucking bitch shut the fuck up
by Im IN Faze Clan 101 December 15, 2014
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Someone who is acting strange such as a tweaker
"Tf is that nock doing?"
by CaliAlly October 17, 2016
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Someone who associates with both "nerds" and "jocks" and displays many traits common in both groups.
These people are usually able to maintain relationships with multiple conflicting social groups at the same time with ease. Occasionally nocks will favour one group or the other and become valued in the group by filling a role others could not with out becoming alienated. Alternatively nocks may forgo interaction with social groups all together to focus on more personal, isolated individual relationships.

"Nock" might also be used to describe someone who can mix with any nearly crowd, or fits in with many tight cliques including, but not limited to jocks, nerds, preps, artsy, etc. or who posseses many of the traits common in different groups.
"There are few examples of characters that are nocks in popular culture because most stories rely on pre-established archetypal assumptions, but I suppose Michael Weston from the series Burn Notice could be considered a nock."

"In every sense, even socially, he's a jack-of-all-trades; he's a nock."
by Cornelli March 26, 2009
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1) The back end of the shaft on an arrow, where there is usually a small groove for the bow string.

2) The small groove at the back end of the

3) The act of placing the string of the bow into the groove in the back of the arrow, usually in preparation to fire the arrow from the bow.
1) "First, holding your bow in one hand, grip your arrow with the other hand just above the nock."

2) "Now locate the nock and position it over the string about halfway along the string-length."

3) "Now nock your arrow."
by Cornelli March 26, 2009
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Whenever I come to a crossroads in my life I'm prepared.
I bring my nocks, No biggie!

Where's your nocks Gabe?
by Patback July 11, 2008
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A word interchangeable with "Thing" could also be used instead of "Yoke".
Give me a look off that nock. Or, whats that nock there.
by Pikie No. 1 April 17, 2009
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A nerd who becomes a jock.
Khristo became a nock after being scouted for the school’s football team
by pixarlamp October 1, 2019
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