The awsomest thing in the world ,has amazing hair and is super chill ,you can't compare to a Noah
WOAH look at Noah he has such good hair and amazing hats
by Conbrochillmiar January 13, 2011
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A name for a guy commonly associated with the man in the Bible who survived the flood by building the ark. Most Noah's will get sick of that reference at a young age, so don't make the joke to an older Noah.

Noah's are really sweet guys. They tend to love video games and computers or anything techy in general.

They'll do anything for the ones they love and hate it when you're upset with them. Some Noah's have short tempers but will do anything to make it up to you when they blow up.

They can be your best friend and closest companion. They won't betray or hurt you and despises anyone who has.
So did you hear I'm dating a Noah?" "Really? You're so lucky!
by Please Let this Name work November 29, 2010
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The most amazing guy you will ever meet. He will be that bad boy your parents don't want you around but he's loyal and sweet on the inside. He will care for you more than anyone will. There will never be a predictable or boring moment with him, keeping the bad boy thrill alive and the adventure going. He's sexy with long hair, beautiful eyes and a banging body. He's an amazing kisser and even better in bed. He makes an amazing husband and a great lover and best friend.
Damn my life has changed since I met Noah.
by themadquinn March 09, 2016
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A smart boy. He is a real charmer and is really good with music. Despite his intelligence, he likes to rebel and see what he can get away with. He is generally likable, even though he can be a total douche.
Wow, he is really charming! Is that Noah?
by locketRaven August 04, 2011
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Pretty much synonymous with "hopeless romantic", a Noah is any man who will fall head-over-heels in love. May have some Montague blood, since this guy has to be related to Romeo somehow, Noah will sing to you in both English and Spanish, and is a hell of a good kisser. Noah also leans towards the poetic side, so expect some love letters from him. If you have a Noah in your life, don't let him go, and if he gets up the courage to ask you out, you'd be well-advised to say "I do" and not "adieu".
by Miss Maple (aka Coati) January 20, 2012
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An incredibly smart and serious person. A selfless martyr who always gets the right answer, but resents being told that he is smart.
I wonder what the meaning of life is.
I dunno. Let's ask a Noah.
by emilysamara April 09, 2011
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Noah is a girl's best guy-friend, yet not gay. He's funny with pure humor and dirty alike. He's incredibly gorgeous and makes girls want to go up and hug him! He's usually carefree and loose but can be serious when necessary. A total bad-ass with a geeky, romantic and mysterious aura all around him!
Girl 1: "Hey, who's that guy you were with? He's cute, is he your boyfriend?"
Girl 2: "No, I wish. It's just Noah."
by Lady Magic May 24, 2011
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