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A form of the terms Nuh Uh, generally associated with merry. Who is uber-cute.
You purposely did that!

No uh!
by DeMoNiC February 20, 2003
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It is the terrible off-brand version of Noah, generally people called Nouh are associated with trouts because of their similar appearances. People named Nouh are usually very repulsive and eat like fat pigs.
Is Nouh gonna start eating? I don't wanna see that shit. Lets get Outta here.

Is Nouh eating a trout. He is a cannibal.
by thisjustininjustinisjustintime December 12, 2017
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Nouh is a Arab name used by Arabs and in some cases other Muslims. Nouh is usually not a Dark Arab, more like a light skinned Arab who has very Nappy Hair (Black People Hair).
"Hey look its Nouh, the Arab" "Hes Arab i thought he was white but he has nappy ass hair"
by Personof_Intrest November 05, 2018
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