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It's used the same as the standard Your Face,
It's a universal comeback to anything.
But the 'your' is emphasized.

When someone insults you and you haven't got anything to fire back with,
Or even if you're just bored of them and don't want to talk about that topic,
You reply as if they've said something about your face, when it really should be their face.

It originated from a community for an online counter-strike soccer game in australia, but it's making it's way into the real world.
A: Ahhh ya can't pass for shitt!!
B: No YOUR face.
A: Negative. your face.

(note it's usually not done with capital letters for the your, that's just to demonstrate the emphasis)

A: Did that turn out alright quality, B? I think I had vent running aswell..
B: no your face
C: no your face!!!!!!!!!!!
B: no your face

A: Hey B, we were looking through your computer and C said you have some appalling taste in music.
B: More like no C's face!
A: C says no yours.
B: ..
B: im coming over there right now to kick C's ass.

A: go to bed B
B: no your face
by Tophness October 13, 2008
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