The only comeback that can beat "no u".
Person 1- "whoever threw that paper, your moms a hoe!"
Person 2- "no u"
Person 1- "no w"
Everyone else- "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH burn!!!!!"
by Random Sewer Rat August 20, 2020
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A more powerful version of the no u
Jimmy:Your mom gay and your dad lesbian.
Jimmy:hahahahahha u cannot use the no u
Jeff:No w
by Dem beans January 07, 2019
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A comeback to No u . Literally saying 'No double u'
John - "You need serious help in your life for being such an asshole"
Michael - "No u"
John - "No w"
Michael - "....."
by Pr0j3ct97 September 06, 2018
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This abbreviation used to stand for World Wide Web.

It now stands for the activity which surrounds most of the time in which the web is browsed - Wanking While Watching (another video stream or live webcam) or, Wanking While Waiting (for the next lot of porn to download).

(For the Brit-ignorant, Wanking is the same as jerking-off/Whippin Mr Zippy/Polishing the PurplePink Pole, over here in Limey-Land.)
"Shit I gotta clean this mouse and keyboard or buy a box of tissues, probably both (squeezes umpteen zit). Too much WWW. Oh, Just one more......"
by Missy M August 22, 2005
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(>•w•)> <(•w•<)

two ppl trying to hug themselves

(>•w•)> <(•w•<)
by someonoe April 04, 2011
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In terms of a differnt style of generation of the phrase :3 as in a animeish style version of the :3 hamster face Expression being really happy, or a big grin its usually followed with the "!" mark with how happy you are..
DashiKun: "I Just Got Paid and im rolling in dough! ^w^"
by John Rayborn August 18, 2005
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