A highly intelligent person, making the correct choice of not stealing their mommy's credit card for fortnite, let alone spend money on a shitty game. Usually bullied in school.
Jim- Did you hear that Josh is a No Skin
Jim- Yeah he's so garbage

Jake- Hahahaha right
by WaveyDavey777 November 27, 2018
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A fortnite player thats either a trash player that bm's like a toxic retard or there just some how a goat and one pump everyone even if across a mountain.
Dude did you see that no skin he didnt hit me once

Boi howd that no skin kill me hes hacking has to be
by FortniteMemer April 12, 2018
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In the popular game of Fortnite (2017-2018) if you havent a purchased skin from the Fortnite item shop you are considered a NEWB, short for newbie.
EThan - "Lol bro u don't have a skin what a newb"
Dex- "i have to be a no skin because im bad"
by tramp united May 30, 2018
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Performing sexual penetration of penis to vagina without a condom. Usually symbolizing more. Reserved and used only with someone special.
Juan was out of condoms so he went skin-to-skin on Kensey.
by ClamFest January 24, 2012
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Any sexual action, bar none. When you're doing something sexual, your skin by definition has to be touching your own skin or someone elses.
Jacking off? Skin on skin
Fucking a chick? Skin on skin
Fucking a diseased monkey up the ass thereby spreading aids from primates to humans? Yes, skin on skin
by TorturedSoul January 02, 2010
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