the knee represents common sense
by not having knees you lack common sense
the knees are essential in stability
this niggaz a no knee,
wer yo knees at boy??
by Yassin Mohamed January 01, 2008
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When a womens pubes grows from one knee round to another. (extra large pubic area)
"She must not have shaved ever, she had a knee to knee"
by NB87 April 30, 2009
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A device attached to the human body, designed for finding furniture in the dark.
*stumbling around the dark*

beep beep beep

by GrazerMagic April 19, 2011
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Also known as the falcon knee. Based from the second Super Smash Bros game. It has the ability to dish out and serve complete and utter chaos. The perfect mixture of knee and electricity there is no escape from the mass amounts of pain coming right to your face. If you mix the short hop of the shffl there is no chance that you are able to move ever again.
The Knee just came out of no where.
by Sean Rock September 11, 2007
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A joint that connects the upper and lower leg. This joint is infamous for one reason: the dreaded arrow. If an arrow hits you in the knee, you will transform into a city guard who endlessly receives reports of sweetroll robberies.
I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an overused joke in the knee.
by Intelligence001 September 03, 2016
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The absolute worst place to be hit with an arrow.
I used to be an adventurer like you. Then, I took an arrow in the knee.
by aqpw December 21, 2011
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