1) Getting screwed on a deal;

The phrase originated with the term 'butt raped' to describe the feeling of getting screwed on a deal. Then, it was 'butt raped with no KY jelly,' (sex lubricant) which then turned into just 'No KY'
Example: "Three fifty for a soda? No KY, man..."
by TheoDizzle June 29, 2005
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While sounding like an innocent kiss kiss it means kill yourself kill yourself. It is mostly used when joking with friends through mobile messages
chick - OMG did u see tha ugly pic if urself on instagram
chicks friend - omfg kys kys
by suck my hairy ballsack November 13, 2013
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Stands for "Kill your self" a sarcastic term used amongst friends basically telling one another to shut the fuck up, when someone says something ignorant, embarrassing, or just plain stupid.

*not intended for real suicide suggestions, please stay alive y'all
Renee: OMG Keith urban is coming to town he's such a great rapper!

Jane: kys Renee
by jnhmpls96 January 24, 2014
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The simple definition is 'Keep Your Socks!' No other definition!

Just fucking kidding, kill your self
Mom: KYS
Son: Ok mom!
by $w4gm4$t3rr September 6, 2015
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