telling someone to shush themselves or be quiet/shut up
Bruh nize yourself
by floatercheese March 26, 2017
A person who is the smoothest in the room and has ungodly rizz. He always does the coolest things.
"Have you seen that guy who bought 50 pairs of 3D glasses for a buck?"

"Oh my god, he is such a Nize!"
by Najlaksi_ikad December 25, 2022
Nize is a professional dynamic pawner well known in SA:MP for his DYNAMIC localhost server.
Jonny: I have a localhost server
Mike: Very Nize
by ParadiseHitz September 26, 2020
A word created by the notorious rapper MOT Sosa as a dorogatory word for retards who he wants no part of.
ugly chick: OMG MOT Sosa! can you have sexual interactions with me?
by bumwhow June 7, 2019
"Nize It" is a phrase used to tell someone to be quiet or shut up, currently uknown to a majority of teachers, used in place of more vulgar or obscene phrase such as "Shut the F*uck up".
(people of authority nearby)
G: "yo B, you bring dat kush-"
B: "Nize it G, we'll talk later."

Teacher(in the middle of lecture): "so the electrons are-"

G: " just Nize it"
Teacher: " What does that mean mr. Green?"
S: "Um, it means i like your style."
Teacher: "You crazy kids and your slang these days."
by Bramptonian Rhapsody June 6, 2011
another way to tell someone to be quiet, or to 'shut the fuck up'.
X: "yo, that bitch has a fatttt assss."
Y: "nize it, she is like a pancake. no lie."
by dome squad March 18, 2014
When a person is talking rubbish or shit you tell them to 'nize it' (be quiet/shut up)
Johnny: You know Africa is country, right??
Brad: Johnny,, brooooo just nize it yeahh!
by pooopinnih December 22, 2016