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A pure genius with unmatched talents.
Me: So did you hear how Nitesh got all A+'s on the final?
Friend: Eh, nothin' new.
Me: Oh he's so awesome.
by Michael von Duke July 06, 2009
Born in the 1849, he was an indian explorer but also an author. His father, Aeka, married to a Chinese woman, was
a poor indian farmer but nevertheless he sent him to a school, believing that he would succeed in life. He was the only child.
When he was 20, he worked for Lau industries as a mechanic. He saved enough money to study Humanties in
Hong Kong, a place where he always wanted to live. There he met his bestfriend Yousafa from Pakistan.
They travelled around Asia, exploring new wildlife ecology and living the Asian culture.
He died early at the age of 25 when his father slapped him to death for uknown reasons. He was never
He wrote many books such as this autobiography titled "Confessions" depicting his tragedy romance. This book is about him confessing to his friends about his problematic love towards a young beautiful girl called Anush.
According to the book, Anusho commited suicide after his traiterous friends posted his confessions to her house wall.
Nitesh: You making me go all emo again.
Yousafa: Why does she?
Nitesh: She does not, she like me.... as a friend. Oi, I am a nice guy?
Yousafa: So you want it more than a friend?
Nitesh: Yes...
by HKUSTFREAK January 18, 2011
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