fucking best car out there only time ull see one is pulling that pice of shit nissan outta the tiny mud puddle
"did you see that fucking minty Toyota Landcruiser over there"

"fucken oath wonder how many patrols get pulled out per day by it"
by bb_92_1hdt November 19, 2019
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An overpriced and over rated 4WD vehicle that you rarely see outside of school runs and suburban shopping centers. Commonly bought by people that fall for the marketing hype rather than researching before a purchase. The utility versions still use a body shell that was designed when Jesus played fullback for Jerusalem. The poor ergonomics and harsh ride from the cart springs see the owners exchanging Christmas cards with their chiropractor and physiotherapist.

On the rare occasions they are used off-road, poor suspension travel and weak drivelines mean they are usually found stuck in the tracks made by the Patrols and Land Rovers, needing lengthy recovery sessions to get them back on the chicken tracks where they belong. The front diffs are made of licorice and there are a plethora of aftermarket components designed to make them stronger, which rarely work.

Visually recognizable from a distance due to the entire ARB catalogue being fitted with the biggest mud terrain tyres that can possibly be fitted, you are immediately aware the driver is compensating for a small penis. Yes, all the gear and no idea, typical cruiser driver.
My Toyota Landcruiser is bogged again.

My boyfriend and I are using the Toyota Landcruiser in the mardi gras again this year
by Ecovandal May 23, 2018
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