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A term used to describe a chilly climate, at which point your nipples showing.
You should take a sweater with you, it can get nippie inside.
by MeanGirl07.15 May 29, 2018
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a nipple, usually refering to when a man has been hit in the breast area. Or a baby talk term for nipple.

short answer: nipple
jacob: dude! wtf? why did you hit my nippie?!

arial: i dont know.... i forgot..... something about you owing me $5 bucks..... or did i just make that up? i still want the money.....

jacob: ow! that really hurt my nippie!

(jacob lifts his shirt and examines the hurt nipple)
oh great! now my nippy is bruising! fuck you cuntface!
(jacob punches arials left boob for revenge and walks off)

arial: oh fuck! that hurt! bitch!
by your mother... seriously October 21, 2009
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An Asian person with the characteristics, beliefs or looks of a hippie.
An Asian hippie can be best describe in one word as a nippie. ☮
by July 15, 2010
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Nippie a small or baby animal that likes to take small bites of your body in a playful way.
"The little nippie bit my finger."
by We're them July 06, 2017
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