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A blue haired god that will absolutely destroy any entity it encounters any attempt at resistance is futile and will only result in prolonged suffering. This mythical creatured is commonly encountered in the game fortnite, which is a popular refuge for the many virgins seeking safety from the outside world.
Josh: Man im so fucking good at this game.
*Gets one pumped from behind
Bill: Haha you just got but fucked by NinjasHyper
by Bullcr May 18, 2018
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A fortnite player that sucks and just sits in a room and drinks gallons of coffee before the streams
Ninjas hyper after he wins so his neighbors hate him😂
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by Caden_88 May 22, 2018
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The straight best at FortNite cause he will carry so hard mate
FortNite scrub: How is this dude carrying me?
Semi-Good FortNite player: That must be a NinjasHyper.
FortNite scrub: Dang he is so good.
by YaSuperBoi June 02, 2018
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