The act of being high for longer than fourteen and a half hours and eating piles of spaghetti while repeating the Holy Mary with no pants on and getting sucked from a girl named "Head."
Oh my gosh! That Nils is still high from eating that weed browning and he thinks he is in Church.
by Ryan Smalls March 27, 2008
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A slang for none or nothing. Similar to zero, zippo, ziltch, nada, etc.
The difference between the subgenres is nil. They are exactly the same type of music.
by DPST TMPST February 26, 2017
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A tall, handsome, eccentric Frenchman who prefers American girls named Christina. Quite a catch, if you can land him, that is.
Only a true, bonafide Nils would say he wants cheektime, lots of windows, and carbonara.
by TeenieWeenieTeenster April 20, 2013
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Le mec qui vommit a une fete, souvent en disant quelque chose du type: Je suis une legende!!
Je suis une legende *Nil vommit
by Qcumberland October 14, 2016
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noun:- A word used for a certain h.f. ; often called a loser in Saudi Arabia by this amazingly sexy guy;

adjective:- a loser
Person 1: who did u meet at GYLC

Sexy guy: a Nil

Person 1: damn man i feel sry for u.
by TaiTai October 25, 2007
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