A very self centered person who does not give a damn about anyone. Not even himself. He will get very mad if he is out of pepsi and candy or loses an official clanbase match.
Niko is a guy from Finland. He Mad.
by ZedZorander October 24, 2011
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Marijuana, Pot, Ganja, Weed, Cannabis. A term that comes from Puerto Rico. A really useful nickname because the authorities don't know it.
Hey, let's go smoke some niko!

Put some more niko in the bowl.
by My secret pseudonym April 04, 2009
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a man who usually goes for whorish type females and picks the worst females to talk to. He usually always has a nice girl that likes him, yet he passes her up to be with the hoodrat or the fat girl.
Man, look at the boy over there he's so niko don't even know that he got a nice girl diggin him.
by cassidy's_a_trip November 26, 2007
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Attractive Italian guy, gets all the girls. Always has great hair, he proabaly dated all the popular girls, and has the sexiest smile. There are usually two Nikos in one school so u refer to him as " The Hot one"
Girl1: you know that kid niko
Girl2:The hot one?
Girl1: Yessss! he's dating emma...again
by rebeccaknowsall August 24, 2016
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An amazing and sweet girl that is just lovely on all levels and just simply amazing to talk to and she is just so loveable.
Have you seen Tolly? She's such a niko
by Straponlenny July 12, 2017
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