a little african american boy. usually backed up by older brothers or insane fathers.
damn that little niglet almost stole my bike
by johnny carcinogen August 14, 2005
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A female nigger takes 9 months to shit out a negg, witch becomes a niglet after leaving the asshole, after about 13 years when the niglet gets is first grill it becomes a nigger, after the nigger matures to about 16 he begins to reproduce with other niggers and maybe a niglet or two. after the nigger has niglets of his own is when he starts to not pay for rent, food, electricity, etc... and this is why $54543515 of my paycheck goes to the dumb niggers and their little niglets
5 year old son: dad, whats a niglet
Dad: well see that little piece of shit over there
5 year old son: yeah
Dad: thats why you didn't get the bike you wanted for your birthday
by otter2691 January 14, 2008
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a nigger-in-training. Curently being taught how to be stupid, lazy, and to steal. These "niggers" that they become are rather skilled at these things.
Person 1 "Awhhh, that niglet over there is trying to steal..."

Person 2 "ooops.. theres a cop. have fun in jail niglet."

Person 3 "you do realize that he was stealing your car retard."

Person 1 "yeah. but its what they were made for."
by krimsonnazi October 31, 2009
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An abbreviation for an African-American who is under the age of 14. Often somewhat of a cocky middle schooler. Not used as a derogatory term, but as one used out of frustration.
Tyrone- "Ay gemme dat skateboard!"

Roman- "FOOL! Best watch yoself."

Aquamaqueesha- "Oh hayul naw!"

Roman- "Both you niglets come here!"
by Pack Zeal March 10, 2009
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a mini or small nigger that has not fully developed into a gangbangin ass fucker yet but one day it will roam the streets as a liquor store robbing asshole
"hey bob did you see that niglet runnin around causin trouble with the little white kids in the neighborhood?"

"why yes i did tom he sure looks like a future asslicking nigger"
by marijuanasmoker69 May 20, 2010
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A baby nigger, Most annoying features of a fully grown nigger arart from the motor skills to hold a gun.
J A Y The Fookin niglet raped CEF with his fucking niggerness.
by Trucido February 11, 2008
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