The original Robin, also known as Dick Grayson.
Quite possibly the coolest part of the Batman everything.
Nightwing is a badass mofo with long black hair and ninja moves. Very shweet!
Dude 1: Dude! Batman is on! Let's watch!

Dude 2: Is it the one with Nightwing?!?

Dude 1:...No.

Dude 2: Well fuck that then!
by Josh-o-matic November 30, 2008
You're a Nightwing! Leave my PS2 Alone! NO, PUT AWAY THE SLEDGE HAMMER!
by Nikolas September 16, 2003
The original Robin he’s very badass but he has bad beer breath
Nightwing, Your breath stinks
by MyBreathStinks January 16, 2021
Nightwing is Dick Grayson, the first Robin. He left Gotham and founded the first Teen Titans and later turned from Robin to Nightwing. He patrols Bludhaven, a sad crime-ridden excuse for a city.
Robin matured... a lot. Rawr.
by Raven January 17, 2005
Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson; the first robin/boy wonder. Bruce Wayne’s 1st son

“he’s the daddy of all daddy’s. minus his own father.”
i love nightwing so much
by ilovenightwingsomuchomh June 25, 2022
nightwing a large memeber of the rat family. often found enjoying a slice of gamerpie while masturbating to man porn at his home pc.
you sir, are a nightwing.
by Daniel October 6, 2004
Nightwing (Dick Grayson/ Former Robin) is a well known character in the comic universe. But oh boy, what he's most famous for is his masterpiece of an ass. He really sets himself up, skin-tight suit, acrobatics that require ultimate flexibility, absolute menaces that sit behind the comic art. My god, there hasn't been a day where Nightwing's ass hasn't been the highlight of my comic. And no, this is not a cry for help.
"Objectively speaking, who's the big booty bitch of DC? Catwoman, right?"
"Dude..It's Nightwing. Have you seen Nightwing's ass?"
"Shitttt, how is that thing even allowed?"
by achunkofnightwingsass July 4, 2022