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this is a word that you use when a teacher or someone is really all up in yor face and saying shit so all you have to do is just say coladodo
your in school on a computer and a teacher comes up to you and says what do you think your doing young man you say none of your bizness biotch and then they will be all like what did you say and then you say coladodo by Nikolas Wolf
by Nikolas April 07, 2005

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God < GokuXZ
GokuXZ is soooooooo sexy
by Nikolas September 18, 2003

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Macaroni and Cheeseā„¢, when prepared by our dark brothers.
That negroni beggars the jump off, Martin.
by NIKOLAS December 28, 2003

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by Nikolas September 16, 2003

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A Nintendo Fan Boy
You're a Nightwing! Leave my PS2 Alone! NO, PUT AWAY THE SLEDGE HAMMER!
by Nikolas September 16, 2003

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