Dick Grayson, full name Richard John Grayson, was the first Robin, Nightwing, and the second Batman. Now back to being Nightwing again. Contrary to what the contributor before me believes, he's never died. The contributor before me is probably thinking of Jason Todd, the second Robin, or Damian Wayne, the fifth.
Anyways, he's also been the leader of the Teen Titans, the Outsiders, ext. His most important and long-lasting "love-interests" are Barbara Gordon and Starfire. His parents died when he was young and so Bruce Wayne sort-of adopted him (he took him as a "ward", if that even means something anymore). And he's way cooler than you so I suggest reading a few comics before you judge.
Dick Grayson is my favorite Robin!
*gets shoved in locker*
by Kirbyderbygirl September 28, 2013
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1. Bruce Wayne's faithful Ward, who was Batman's sidekick, until his untimely death in either a comic book or one of those crap ass Batman movies.

2. A fellow that balls all the ladies
he can, leaving none for his friends.
1. Dick Grayson lived with Bruce Wayne and Aunt harriet at stately Wayne Manor.

2. What? you balled Carolyn? Even though I was hitting on her? Damn! you're a real Dick Grayson!
by ken taylor December 15, 2004
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