1. a person who walks or roves about at night. This may be a: Clubber, vampire, prostitute, sleepwalker, etc.

2. Someone who attends Nightwalk (Glasgow), or is friends with Nightwalk Glasgow on social networking sites.
When Sammy and Eva left the club they joined their fellow nightwalkers on the street and roamed around the city till the sun came up.
by Ayita Ursula Ixkin August 26, 2010
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A creepy person who walks around at nighttime.
Typically a man resembling a thug or hobo who looks like they might pose a threat.
Causes most women to clutch their purse and phone tighter.
"Margaret, pretend to be on the phone with a cop, that nightwalker is creeping towards us."
by CAUTIONcontentsmaybehot March 16, 2010
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Awsome UK DNB producer, with over 60 tunes out and his own style and sound you can always expect the rave to jump off when someone drops his tunes! Also check out up coming releases on his labels, Nightwalker Recordings & Nightwalker Presents.
Nightwalker has these releases and more,Promos, Promos 2, Driller Killer, Icey Hot, Naughty Boy
by Megan Marshall January 13, 2008
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An essential part of doomer and gloomer culture, it is the act of going out for a walk by yourself. It can be done with no destination, to and from a bus stop, to get beer and cigarettes, or just to gain clarity of mind
After working a shift at his dead end job and coming back to an empty home where his ex-girlfriend used to be, the doomer grabs his headphones and put on his 90's/shoegaze playlist and went for a nightwalk, the only moderately enjoyable part of his despair-ridden days
by ain't a snitch nigga May 17, 2019
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When getting intimate with a partner, one waits until both are heated up physically and then brings in an outside cold hand to place aggressively on the other's genitalia.
I was so ready to go and then she pulled the Nightwalker and I fucking lost at the Battle of Winterfell.
by SecurityPrincess September 9, 2019
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A prostitute, or hooker lurking in or around any urban area during the midnight hours.
by Jeff Duclervil February 10, 2008
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Someone who preffers night over day and walks around at night, sometimes looking for criminal activity, usually goths.
"Why does Alice sleep all day and walk the streets at night?"
"Because she's a nightwalker..."
by stealthsniper23 February 15, 2008
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