1. Common name of a a butler named Higgins, but black, so thus, the name is Niggins.
Niggins !, Bring me some tea (In a high pitched british accent).
by shdwsclan August 02, 2009
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A bald homoseoxual Afro American.
There goes Jason, look how he walks like a girl. He's such a Niggins.
by Captain America777 February 22, 2012
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When a girl sleeps with a black person for the first time, losing her "black virginity"
That girl slept with Dequan last night! She lost her nigginity!
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1. Acting like a nigger

2. Hitting up MacDonals dollar menu 3 time a day.

3. 3 piece chicken meal from KFC

see nigger
1. Dude, he's niggin out.
2. I'm niggin it
3. Hook me up with some niggins dawg
by Hannahs January 29, 2005
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To be "hanging out" doing nothing productive with society.

To borrow money with no hope to repay.

To stand on a stret corner for no reason than to watch the cars pass by, in hope of eiother knowing someone, or to get to know someone for a profitable score of either legal means, or illegal means.

To Boom a low rider truck stereo see Boom woofers to garnish attention to others who are standing on the street corners, with no intention of stopping.
"I be Niggin on the corner tonight"

" We be niggin in the truck watching the fools hang out to score something"

Last night at the bowling alley, I was broke, so I was niggin all night"
by Roberts February 08, 2005
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One who builds or repairs something using uncommon or cheap parts in a creative or unique way.

Somewhere between nigger rigging and engineering.
Bob just built a working radio out of bobby pins, superglue, and an old altoids tin. He's a god-damned Niggineer!
by Powder34 March 27, 2014
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The action of confirming an event, or stating that something worked out well. Can be a verb or a noun.
Jerome: Let's chill at my crib tomorrow.

Laquesha: Niggin'
by Nicolette Anne <3 June 21, 2010
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