Having the urge to sleep after consuming a considerably large amount of food.
That dinner was great, I probably won't be able to walk now since niggeritis set in.
by Vado September 27, 2011
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An annoying disease u get after eating to much, stiting to long, smoking to much weed, or even drinking to much.
Symptoms are: Lazyness, Droussyness, and not wanting to work.
I smoked to much weed and now i have niggeritis.
by curtis rai August 29, 2010
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The immediate crippling effects from smoking Marijuana that prevents one from taking part in daily activities.

More directly refers to any person whose stature resembles one of an african american who has no job and contributes nothing to society

"Dude, I have such bad niggeritis that I can't go to class today."

Mom: "Why don't you do something and go take out the trash."
Son : "Can't mom, Got the niggeritis."

"Man, I shouldn't of taken that last bong hit, now I have niggeritis."

by M.D Rice January 28, 2008
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When a person of African-American descent gets beaten up by the police for no reason other than being a nigger
Rick, a normal black man walks into the police station to make a complaint but instead gets the shit beaten out of him. Thus indicating having the illness known as Niggeritis.
by Rickie Niggs March 21, 2010
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A child that is born as the spawn of two niggers, creating a third nigger baby.
"Tyrone and Shakala had a baby".
"Ewwww, he has niggeritis".
by Colbz and Drewz September 18, 2011
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The fast, wide spreading disease where upper-class suburban white kids think they're hood.
Examples of Niggeritis:

White boy: What up mah nigga, that shit be of the chain, where can I find me a biznatch

by Knuckledraggers January 29, 2009
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Someone who is total bitch, receives welfare and has not worked in 10+ years. Also known as shama shirtless
Sam: "you are a niggers nigger."
by Shamma llama June 24, 2014
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