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A member of Nigerian royalty who has recently experienced some sort of loss (his son has been killed, estate has been destroyed, etc.) and also has lost his status in South Africa (where he holds his money), and he needs your help getting his 50+ million dollars back into his escrow bank account. He writes you e-mails telling you that he'll let you keep part of it if you'll front around $5k via wire transfer.
I haven't received my check yet from Mr. Kumalo, that Nigerian Prince who needed my help back in February.
by coalfax March 21, 2010
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A black dude that is a memember of royalty from Wakanda that fucks thicc girls and single dads and only eats flaming hot cheetos.
"That black dude is a Nigerian Prince"
"Dang he fucked my dad and sister while eating flaming hot cheetos, he is a Nigerian Prince"
by LordLimbu January 08, 2019
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In most situations a nigerian prince has authority over anyone except the person grabbing his fat thicc meaty cock. When this happens he his for the most part in the need of financial aid and seeks it through email he will often say he needs funds to get into off shore bank accounts that hold billions but he will take all of your money and the chances are your neighbors fell for it too so now you're all gonna be as broke as a black mother with a crack addiction
This fucking nigerian prince is trying to take my cocaine so he could sell it to put his son into university i'm gonna grab his meaty cock and show him who's boss! (calls him a nigger under his breathe)
by Queezy.boi.666 October 17, 2018
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Something you say before you are about to call someone a nigga or nigger and realize there are like 5 black people in the same room you are.
You fucking ni… you fucking Nigerian Prince !
by Jerkyman97 October 16, 2018
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