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1. Another word for a Nigerian scammer who calls people or emails them to fish them out and get their money

2. It is said that Qabas found the word Nigerian scammer he looked around defeating all the Nigerian princes out there and is said to be the biggest scammer himself
Dude I got an email yesterday about getting 50 kilos of gold from a (Nigerian prince)what should I do

Dude 2: that’s a Nigerian scammer don’t believe what they tell you
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by Thepussydestroyer2016 October 29, 2019

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1.when Moses asked god to lead him through hard times god gave Moses a qabas which was the light to save him and who ever was with him.
2. In the late 1900's it was said that qabas was a myth that used to be used for slavery and has been said it was a guy really handsome with many women falling once they see him.
Girl: oh my god did you see qabas he's really good looking today .
Girl 2: oh my I'm soooo wet
by Thepussydestroyer2016 July 21, 2017

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