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Destroyer of cwasants. He gains so much kinetic energy that he will bounce twice the height he fell from. When in ball formation, he can roll at supersonic speeds, much like Hammond from Overwatch. His only weak points are his limbs and feelings. Any other attempt at attacking him will bounce back with more force than you could fathom. If you ever come across a Carl Wheezer, then it just isn't your day.
Carl Wheezer just raped me using only his tongue and a cwasant.
by Yeet n' Delete January 28, 2019

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A trustworthy individual who's only goal is to return to his throne and share his country's wealth with you. If you ever find yourself in contact with the Nigerian nobility, remember to do exactly as he says. While many will tell you that the honorable prince is simply a scam artist, do not believe them, as they only want the prince's money for themselves. Keep in mind that any money you lend to an honorable prince will be returned ten fold in pure gold, so always send as much money as humanly possible. Even if it sends you into crippling debt, your new Nigerian BFF will help you to become a millionaire!!!
1.) Plz send help . I has been over throne of my kingdom .i ned 20,000 us dollors to retake my thrown i will repay you 2 million dollors when i am king again. I need this money ASAP! PLS HELP NOW
2.)OK Mr. Nigerian Prince I'll wire you the money now. Can I also have a tiger when your king? I think theyre super cool!
by Yeet n' Delete May 20, 2020

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