Your white dont type that :/
If your white and use niger with hard R that really fucked up
by SupZaddy November 29, 2021
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The country of Niger. If you live here you can call you self a niger now.
I am from the country of Niger
by YourFellowPerson October 14, 2023
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Guy 1- Wow you got straight A's!
Guy 2- Hell yeah, thats why people call me a Niger. I aint Niger man for a reason.
by Just built diff February 22, 2022
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used for white Americans usually men.

Mostly used by different race to racially identify white Americans.
white person :- What going on N*****

black person:- All good, nigerer
by Lewis Outten June 17, 2023
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The ultimate ecstasy that is cherished by Sahil's mom.
You want niger pakoda? Didn't you just check Sahil's mom's hands?
by pajeet-momo December 21, 2022
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a man who likes pevious pig and chocolate chicken
p1: look at that forlavbious giggle niger
p2: hes ong attractive asf
by o3trapstar March 15, 2023
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