Where is Niga?
by morhund March 20, 2021
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Spelling of the term "Nigga" by people who can't spell most of the words in the English dictionary.
"Wats up, niga" said Max Chuvalas.
by NaloPots December 4, 2009
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neutral isolated gaseous atom

its a thing related to chemistry, nothing racial 👴
the energy required to remove an electron from a niga and convert it into a positively charged gaseous ion is called ionisation potential.
by poop_exe February 4, 2023
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its when u are big fat nigar lol
u such nigas
by fab14 April 26, 2022
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A variation of the spelling of nigga.
Guy #1: Sup my nigas? Where's Joe?
Guy #2: He's at Fat Charlie's.
by The Jesus Bot May 18, 2007
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“what did you say niga?”
by lawquizox September 29, 2020
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