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Milla is one of the smartest and most beautiful girls you will ever meet. many people love her and she is always there for her friends. staring into her eyes gives you the best feeling ever and her hair is thick, luscious and pure. milla will make you feel amazing and in a way you can’t explain. she has a great sense of music and style. she is kind, compassionate and confident in herself and others. she is one of the most hilarious people out there and anyone who meets a milla should keep them in their lives
damn that girl is hot

yeah she must be a milla
by forestsss December 17, 2017
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The most beautiful, sweet natured and funny girl in the world!!! Has the biggest, brightest smile you will ever see. She will light up your life and you can't help but love her.
Did you see that gorgeous girl?
Yep - she would have to be a Milla!
by blunden February 03, 2010
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Milla is a fun loving girl. She is a top pick for dudes because she is sexy and loves sports!!! She only has one main friend that hangs out with she still hangs out with others but that one main friend is the one she loves most. All the other girls are jealous because all the boys stare at her not them. So therefore Milla is a hot,sexy girl with a future ahead in sports!!!
Dude she's flaming hot!!!
That's Milla you better be quick before other guys get to her!
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by Sourbluebear271 July 06, 2018
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The most beautiful, sweet, gorgeous, stunning girl on the entire planet. She is the best person to hang around and she always knows what to say. A Milla is a person who is always there for you and has the best advice ever. If you find a Milla never let her go because she will stay with you through thick and thin. She is sporty and she doesn't know this but the guys absolutely love her. As well as being pretty she is super smart. wink
by yr8melbs October 13, 2018
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means to be one lame ass random kid who totally rocks ;. it's quite the compliment to be called a milla. so be pround. ps : yeah it also means you cannot spell ;
" there goes dat milla again , bustin ass "
by Brittney April 04, 2005
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A dirty russian girl who loves to fuck and drink. she often makes fun of people and is quite rude. she is a jew lover and fat ass as well. But the funny thing is that everyone loves her!
Did you see how much that milla ate?

Is she a milla cause she sure does fuck a lot!
by Holly F. January 13, 2008
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when a guy is a milla, he is the fakest guy out there. This guy thinks he's hood but he ain't. A milla walks around like he's the best piece of shit out there, and hates on everything.
Person #1: look at this milla, thinking he hood but he grew up in the suburbs.
by yungasianboi December 21, 2014
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