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The name Nidal comes from the Arabic word which means, "Struggle, battle, gladiatorial ."
Abu Nidal (May 1937 – August 16, 2002), born Sabri Khalil al-Banna, was the founder of Fatah–The Revolutionary Council, a militant Palestinian group more commonly known as the Abu Nidal Organization (ANO). At the height of his power in the 1970s and 1980s, Abu Nidal, or "father of the struggle," was widely regarded as the most ruthless of the Palestinian political leaders. He told Der Spiegel in a rare interview in 1985: "I am the evil spirit which moves around only at night causing ... nightmares."
by Unanything December 23, 2010
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Usually a brown haired dude with an adorable smile and personality. They can brighten your day with just one word and you cant help but fall in love with them more and more each time they say hello. Nidals are so so cool. They usually have an amazing sense of humor and are so caring and loveable.
That guy is such a rad dude. He must be a Nidal!
by Shrekm9 December 10, 2016
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