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A small town located in the Florida Panhandle. Home to the Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival which features some of the largest names in country music, crafts, beer and seafood. It is a solid Republican district surrounded by Eglin Air Force Base and the wealthy resort town of Destin. The people of Niceville range from "Boggys" (what most would refer to as "Rednecks") and military families to the very affluent. It has a superior public education system, with opportunities for all students who choose to take them, through vocational and collegiate educational tracks.
Billy Ray Cyrus, The Dixie Chicks, and Rascal Flatts played in Niceville for the Mullet Festival.

The people from Niceville are nice.
by The_Nicevillian March 03, 2009
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Crappy little rightwing town on the Florida Panhandle. Full of rightwing know-nots and at least 7 fundi churches per sq mile.
That freak who posts all day on the blogs must be a nutball from Niceville.
by Gauch Marx August 16, 2005
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commonly mistaked for a town of narrow-minded hicks. although yes, they do make up most of the population located on the panhandle of FL about 5 minutes away from destin. filled with bayous and swamps. types of people range from a special term called "boggy"not to be mistaken for redneck to a bunch of kids who complain about the smallness of the town and would rather be in a big city where people get raped alot and you can't clearly see the sky due to smog. niceville has a large group of "scene kids" and "goths" and "preps" and "emos" so it's not too just have to know where to find the fun.
"dude niceville sucks"
"watever where else can u pass a bayou sunrise for free everyday just to go to school?"


"ew niceville is a bunch of hicks"
"and is that why im sitting here in lacoste?"
"yeah that's wat i thought u fag."
by catie bozzzz May 12, 2007
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A small Southern Conservative town On the Florida Panhandle.The town is filled with either Rednecks,Air Force,Or Overly Religious people.The town has a small minority of Democratic youth but they usually build up slowly then leave
Niceville Redneck 1:Errrrrrrrrrr Git R Done
Niceville Redneck 2: yea.......lets go Get Drunk,Beat up some Niggers then Go read the bible and Pray!

by Frank Loins March 15, 2007
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An absolutely absurd town of Northwest Florida for which definition # 3 contains an equally absurd grammatical error via use of the non-word 'mistaked' in place of 'mistaken'--the likes of which serves the two-fold purpose of outshining the numerous other errors sprinkled throughout said definition, as well as providing an instant dead giveaway of the contributor's edumacation via the often-heralded Niceville public school system. Viva la Niceville!
Does Niceville have Bluetooth? 'Cuz I hear there's rumors on the internets...
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