Description of a woman who is not really attractive enough to have sex with but is eligible to give you a blow job due the fact that she has an attractive hair cut that would look great down by your waist and give you something to play with.
Kyle:"Dude none of these women are attractive."
Brandon:"Yeah but a couple of them have Nice Hair, you could at least get a blow job."
Kyle:"Hmmm good point..."
by SpyderInside September 21, 2008
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nice hair is widely known as a complement towards a hairstyle. usually used to respond to questions.
mother: son, can you take out the trash please?
son: nice hair.


son: dad, look at that man's hair!
father: nice hair, he's a balding faggot son.
by nicehairdoe December 25, 2011
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When someone doesn't hear you say something funny or sarcastic so you have to say something to get out of repeating yourself.
Me: Damn this girl...
Her: what?

Me: i said you have nice hair !
by xwickedxxpediax January 12, 2021
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The world's easiest and most simple way to get a girl. Also, see nipps for further explanations.
-Nice hair, wanna fuck?
by Johnny Nipps February 19, 2004
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a saying you can use when you say something harsh to someone and they reply with what?
jon "hey matty you ugly fucker!"
matty " what?"
jon "i said your hairs nice"
matty " oh.... alright..."
by faggerspool January 27, 2011
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