Is a name of a girl who's soft-hearted, sensitive and understanding. She keeps the pain inside her chest and thinks a lot before she sleep the stress. She has a lot of friends but she keeps her problems to herself. She hates being a burden, she loves comforting people, she is an over thinker, but Nica is a good friend.
What is Nica?
by SerenityFlavioWrites June 11, 2021
Nica is a very smart and beautiful girl, yet not afraid to show the thug in her. She gets all the men crushing on her. She’s got a group or gang always by her side.
Nica is an awsom
by A person with good looks August 12, 2019
Beautiful smart person who will go very far in life and will be successful in many aspects
This girl is very Nica it's hard to believe
by Queenslayimh June 28, 2015
A person from Nicaragua or of Nicaraguan descent.
He says that Nicas are rowdier than Costa Ricans.
by tanima May 20, 2004
A Nica is a smart,gorgous and kind girl. It is normally short for Veronica. She normally gets good grades and has many guys friends and awesome friends that are girls. If u ever see a Nica don't miss out on being her friend!
" Wow did u see nica today she looks great. She is always hanging out with boys and some girls"
by cupcake.forever.15 December 11, 2016
Nica is Italian slang for small, much like Chica in Spanish. Also a cute name for a dog.
Nica is the cutest little bitch I have ever owned. That Nica is so cute, When I am mad at her I call her Neekee.
by Pablo Navaja February 4, 2010
Nica is another word for the N word but with a hint of white dust. Nica is also another word for someone whom’s ignorant.
Hey yoe, what’s up Nica? What’re you doing tonight Nica?
by user10374728163927 December 27, 2019