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Nica is Italian slang for small, much like Chica in Spanish. Also a cute name for a dog.
Nica is the cutest little bitch I have ever owned. That Nica is so cute, When I am mad at her I call her Neekee.
by Pablo Navaja February 4, 2010
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A derivative of Hispanic; (with an accent on the “i”) Highspanic is an uppity Latino, Chicano,pocho, Mexican-American, Carib, Central or South American that thinks they are superior, sophisticated, or socially exceptional over other "Hispanics."

Highspanics favor aligning closely to their Spanish (white) roots. May substitute a fake Spanish “th” sound for the letter “s” in their Spanish. Usually a skin color and cultural caste system proponent. Inclined to be a Hispanic member of the border watching "minutemen." Leans Republican and favors Fox News.

May have been created by Richard Montoya of the theater group Culture Clash.
Beto is from the rancho but now that he's a lawyer he's become a Highspanic. He thinks he's better than the rest of us.
by Pablo Navaja February 4, 2010
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