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one who participates in a type of skiing branching
off from freestyle, makes use of all types of
terrain: jumps, rails, pipes, cliffs, buildings....ect.
newschool tricks are based off of rotations, inverted flips and usually combine these with grabs, tweaks, and steeze.
contrary to popular belief it is not neccesary to wear XXL pants to be a newschooler.

snowboarder 1: "damn!, that crazy skier just pulled off a
sick Muted 900!
snowboarder 2: must be a newschooler...tight!
by hoyaaaaaaaaaaa May 23, 2006
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Any type of newschool skier that does jumps, rails, and halfpipe with large quantities of steeze involved.

also a skiing website ( ) that is known as "freeskiing's online community.
At the hill today, that huge group of newschoolers was all over the park.
by Timmee June 22, 2006
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A community of Newschool style skiers. This style is based upon a new style of skiing centered around rotations, inverts, off axis rotations, steeze, and afterbang. This is a tightly knit community of these special skiers, and they can usually be spotted on the mountain with ease. The easiest way to spot a "Newschooler" is to look for a gathering of double-tippers most often wearing attire of or relating to the popular candy "Skittles." Newschoolers often wear and show off decals with the letters "NS" on them to inform other Newschoolers nearby that they are, in-fact, online buddies. This online community can usually be seen making fun of and or "powning newbs," chatting and dreaming of their "ski-god" Tom Wallisch (often referred to as Tammy Wamstick, Todd Walnuts, or Wammy Tallnutz), or just purchasing what they call "Full Tilts," special boots made to eliminate shin bang.
"Yo brah, you were killin it today."
"Yeah man, when I landed that rodeo I felt like Wammy Tallnuts!"

"Hey did you see that mint condish Magic Suit in BST last night?"
"Yeah bro, I snagged it from some newb for only $800!"

"Dude, we gotta get some new Jiberish so we can be thug and look like we're related to Eazy E when we're on the hill!"
"Yeah broski, after I stop this pretzel 4 I'll go on NS on my phone and buy some from BigSpence, I heard he has more in stock than AbstractMall!"

"Hey do you know when the 2016 T-Halls come out? I hope they have them in orange!"
"Dude its 2007.."
"I know but I really need them for Windells!"
"inb4 Newbs are gay"

"Lots of Jiberish for sale... Gotcha JK I don't have any!"
"KARMA DRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!1111"

"I'm gonna go on Newschoolers when I get home and go on NSG!"
"It's summer.."
"Oh nevermind."
by 603skier June 08, 2010
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A male skier approximately 12-24 years old usually seen wearing baggy Saga outerwear, a helmet with at least but not limited to 1 NS sticker, sporting "goggle sag". A newschooler can usually be seen doing k-feds on a flat box during a powder day. When they aren't afterbanging tricks they are on their computers researching Tom Wallisch's newest look.
by AP skier June 15, 2010
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An online skiing forum, probably the easiest place to troll. The majority of people take themselves way to seriously.
Newschoolers users are the biggest hypocrites on the internet. Trolling gold.
by lmfaocaust March 20, 2011
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