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Generally used on internet forums, inb4 refers to a user posting a reply to a message/topic "before" another user posts an obvious response. When used appropriately, inb4 is followed by a word or short phrase that the user knows will eventually appear in the topic conversation.
Jonny113: Jiraiya would beat the crap out of Itachi.

Steven387: inb4MS

Mike128: You know Itachi has MS, so Jiraiya doesn't stand a chance.
by CM Joker January 17, 2009
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You are calling something, you bet that it will happen.
inb4 a nerd said this to you
by Womaniser March 05, 2016
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An abbreviation used on messageboards like /b/ in anticipation of a certain image, event, or meme occuring.
"In b4 Togepi" = I am sure that any second now, a picture of Togepi will be posted to this thread.

"In b4 b&" = There is no doubt that someone is about to get the banhammer because of their churlish behavior.

"In b4 v&" = I am quite certain that the FBI will soon be showing up to take us all for a ride in the party van, and if such a thing happens, you can't say I didn't see it coming.
by Frederico Lo Cunto April 30, 2007
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a short for "in before" . Term used in forums around the internet such as 4chan
in b4 mods ban us
by Them4n3r February 11, 2015
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"inb4" is a ghetto way of saying "before". The term was created by KTommy Cabello and Hyphen on Oat Chats Inc.
Get yo ass off my site inb4 I bet yo ass
by JaleWrittens September 26, 2018
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