A day after/during an amazing snowfall in the mountains where the ski area is transformed into a slice of heaven by light, fluffy, deep powder snow. Skiers and snowboarders have perma-grin etched on their faces for at least 24 hours. Exultant whooping can be heard all around. This is your chance to huck huge cliffs and try a backflip with no consequences. If you miss it you will hear about it the next day and feel regret.
1. Next powder day, I am definitely calling in sick.

2. We haven't had a good powder day around here in weeks.

3. One has no friends on a powder day (meaning the good snow conditions trump all family and friend relationships, I will not meet you for lunch, I will not help you move, I will not go to your wedding, because tomorrow is going to be a powder day, sorry buddy).
by Daverham Lincoln January 29, 2008
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A day in which one skips life to go sking and take advantage of an immense snowfall.
Jay Peak got hammered with 2 ft of powder. Let's skip school and go skiing.

Powder Day.
by A Skier December 08, 2005
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A day that is set aside for snorting immense amounts of cocaine.
"Billy just picked up an eight ball. Let's have us a powder day, nigga!"
by Deezy Ciznarne March 26, 2008
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A day when there is a crap ton of fresh snow and a perfectly valid excuse to ditch your friends on the mountain
John: Roy your going to fast, slow down
Roy: Sorry... no friends on a powder day
John: Well I guess I’ll go to the chalet
by maksym1000 July 04, 2019
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